Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deal-Disney Tinkerbell Movie - $4 Boboli Rebate

Hello All-

I am learning lots about rebates and I want to share my new knowledge with you!

I bought the latest Disney release Tinkerbell yesterday. I knew that when I bought a Disney video to enter my movie code on (it's free to join and you get free Disney stuff, enter points for DVDS purchased or send in your movie ticket stubs!). I also knew that since I had purchased Ariel and Sleeping Beauty, this purchase unlocked my free offer of a tinkerbell collectors box (got that ordered for my daughter for! from disney rewards) and I knew that I would get the $5 rebate for the Minute Maid juice (sent that off yesterday, see previous blog for this entry), but what I didn't know was that there was another rebate offer! I got the thought to google Tinkerbell DVD rebates and I got a hit! Boboli is offering a $4 rebate with DVD purchase, the form is on's like getting those products for free if you buy them at Winco or use your coupons at pricier stores.

My suggestion is that Disney often pairs with other retailers for rebates, if you buy a Disney movie or another kid title that got a lot of press, it would be worth your time to google video name and rebates and see what you get for hits! It might be worth it to score some free food!

I am noticing that more rebates are allowing you to send in copies of your receipt and all Disney DVDs have at least 2 proof of purchase tabs allowing you to take advantage of multiple rebate offers!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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