Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deal-Fandango/Trial Pay (Free Movie Tickets!)

Hello All-

If you go to the movies or want to, but think it is too expensive (I do!), then check out this promotion!

Visit www.fandango.com and view movie times...you will see next to the movie times a tab that says "free movie ticket", click on it. It will redirect you to a site called TrialPay. If you complete one of the transactions will listed vendors, 90+, Fandango will send you a coupon/promo code for a free movie ticket!

If you are planning on buying items on-line, then see what vendors are included as this is an easy to way to earn free tickets for items you already planned to buy! (Vendors include PacSun, Limited Too, Shoebuy.com, etc.)

My Story: I needed to buy my daughter some Crocs boots so I saw that Shoebuy was one of the TrialPay vendors. They are offering a 10% discount, plus free shipping with any purchase. I bought the shoes through the Trial Pay link and already have my free movie ticket code! Once the order is processed, Fandango forwards on the promo code email. It was super easy, I scored free shipping, a 10% discount ($3.25) and got free movie ticket when I was planning to go see a movie anyway ($8) so I got a great deal on my shoes for money I was planning to spend anyway!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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