Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smokin' Deal- (personalized gifts!)

Hello All-

I visit daily to check on any great deals. Make this a habit too!

Today one of the deals is for, they specialize in personalized gifts.

They were offering 99 cent personalized photo dog tags with the code: 99DOGTAG, this code gets you 1 for 99 cents shipped!!! A great stocking stuffer idea for a person in your life...this would be a very hip gift for the tween crowd, but really many people would like this!

However, when I got online I see that if you sign up for an account with this company...they give you all types of FREE items credits. You can score some great deals by visiting this site and it seemed really user-friendly.

I got 2 dog tags for my brother and his girlfriend with a picture of them on them, regular price $17.98 + shipping for $1.98 shipped!! I used my code "99DOGTAG" and they gave me a free dog tag credit on this order, the coupon code allows you to get free shipping! A smokin' deal!

Check it out!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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