Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happening-New Kids Retail Option (!

Hello All-

I have a child with a very eclectic taste in clothing so I am always on the prowl for new clothing options that don't cost an arm and leg!

A new clothing e-tailer will be introduced soon from the parent company American is called and from what I have seen in a few magazines, offers fun classic-ly trendy pieces at cheaper prices than some of the other choices out there, plus I think you will be able to get your AE perks using this store (AE Access card, etc.) Also, their pieces are guaranteed for 77 washes...I am sure more on this policy will be posted once they are up and running, but I like this type of guarantee in a retailer.

This e-tailer isn't open yet for business, but will be soon. I signed up for their email list, so I will update the blog once they are up and running. Not sure if they will have stores as well, it would be nice, but we will have to wait and see!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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