Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FREE! - Soda Pop at Albertson's!

Hello All-

This week Oct. 22-28 at Albertson's if you buy 10-2 Liter Bottles of 7-Up, A&W and Sunkist you can get them for free!

Here's How:
-Buy 10 (2 Liter) products from brands listed above. They are on sale for $10/10.
-A coupon should print at register for you to mail in your receipt/rebate information and they send you a check for $10, essentially giving you your pop for free!

If you have a party you are planning (7-Up is great for drink mixers, etc.) then it is a great time to stock up!

Caution: I visited Albertson's Thurston this morning and the rebate didn't print out with my transaction. This happens all the persistent! They are always good on making good on an offer, but it may take a few visits/phone calls, which is frustrating! I will update this blog with what I find out once they get this resolved. Sometimes taking advantage of this rebate on the first day of the sale can be troublesome, they usually get bugs worked out later in the sale.

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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The Keevy Family said...

I just found your blog my a google search for this rebate. I did this rebate and it did print out a catalina form. I haven't gotten my rebate back yet though, have you received yours?
Thanks, Jane