Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer's Saving Tip #4-Never Buy On-Line without a Promo Code or Free Shipping

Hello All-

Here is information on Savings Tip #4. I prefer on-line shopping for the convenience and time saving it provides me. On-line shopping is an effective way to snag good deals and sales too!

I have several stores that I visit on a regular basis for sales/discounted items. If you have stores you like to shop, check online on a regular basis as items get discounted. Also, if you make a purchase check back because if an item is discounted typically within 7-14 days, you can request a price adjustment!

Before making an online purchase see if a promo code is available to use! Visit www.retailmenot.com, www.spoofee.com or type "name of store" promo code or coupon code in google.com and see if you get any hits. This is free money you can save, so make sure to check! Also, make sure you look in your coupon organizer for retail coupons or your Entertainment book for retail coupons.

Many stores will offer promotions of free shipping with a minimum purchase. Take advantage of this, either pool orders with friends or if it is a local store you can return items to, I have often bought what I needed to get the dollar amount and then returned to the store to save the shipping cost. Don't drive all over town and waste gas doing this, but if it is at a place you typically are near, it will save you $ without costing you gas.

Not as effective, but can work on-line, click on live help and ask the operator if they are running any promos/specials or if they will be soon. I have scored some discounts just for asking or I found out when an upcoming promo would be happening and waited to make my purchase.

If you have stores you shop at frequently, consider getting their credit card. This will give you special promotions, typically for on-line purchases and in store and can save you extra money. Gap, Kohl's, Macy's, etc. all have excellent reward programs with coupons!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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Luke said...

You should check out www.freeshipping.org which has free shipping to over 800 stores.