Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer's Savings Tip- #6- Sign Up for Loyalty Programs!

Hello All-

One of the best ways to earn coupons/freebies/discounts is to sign up for loyalty or frequent buyer plans at stores/restaurants that you frequent. They want to reward their customers and you can save big by taking part in these plans.

Note: Some people are concerned about opening up their account to spam, if this is an issue...consider signing up for a free email account through google, yahoo, etc.

Most stores have websites, look for e-clubs, newsletters or some type of notification tab that will allow you to get first notice of sales, discounts, COUPONS and other offers. This is the main way to communicate with you and it will be worth it. This is one of the best ways to get coupons sent directly to you, but you have to sign up! You can always cancel communication if you change your mind, but it doesn't hurt to check out the plans.

Also, many stores have punch cards...use these, they reward you for your business. Some stores are more forthright in asking for your punch card, but if they don't offer...ask! These are typically available at coffee houses, fast food restaurants (sub shops) and some smaller retail shops (spend a certain amount-get a discount).

The best perk that most businesses offer birthday perks. Sign up your whole family (living in your home) as they will all benefit from the perks! They are great, I know from experience!

It takes a bit of time to sign up for these perks, but it is worth your time as you only need to sign up once and let the savings roll in!

Hint: Many of these stores will send you printable coupons, print them out right when you get them and file them in your coupon file for organization in your coupon organizer. It is too easy to delete them from your email box if you don't deal with them upon getting them. Or create an email folder in your inbox that you place all emails in for sorting/printing at a later date. Either way, organization is key to this process as many of these offers expire soon after you receive them!

Happy Saving!!


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