Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steal- FREE CROCS! with Albertson's P&G Product Purchase

Hello All-

Thanks to SH of Eugene who was one of the people who inspired me to write this blog because of all of our savings conversations!

Right now at Albertson's if you make a single transaction purchase of $25 of a great variety of Proctor & Gamble products you can get a certificate for a free pair of Crocs!

How it works is you buy the products and then ask the cashier for the tear pad certificate (they had no idea what to do with this promo when I went into the store with the ad from the Wed. RG). However, they have some certificates at the register and/or the customer service counter. You will need this certificate and your original receipt. Mail them in and they will send you a voucher for a free pair of Crocs in specific sizes/colors.

I haven't gotten my certificate voucher yet, but I will update this once I know what the selection options are.

Remember, P&G had a coupon circular in the Sunday paper so take these coupons with you and buy products that you use that are on sale (quite a few are) to save some extra $!

Hint: many times the grocery stores run some type of product/rebate offer, and I am 3 for 3 in them not being able to figure out the offer the first night of the promotion. Be persistent, don't leave the store until they provide you with what you need to complete the process. I have walked out with better than they were offering because they weren't able to figure out what to do. I have had managers offer me some great deals because offers were printed out at the register or they couldn't figure out what paperwork was needed. I still got something free so I was happy, but usually start with the customer service desk as that is what they are for vs. holding up the register line (guilty!).

Hint 2: This might be a FREE gift idea for someone on your Christmas list! I am going to hopefully redeem my certificate for some Crocs for my mother-in-law who my daughter has converted to these great shoes!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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