Sunday, October 26, 2008

Deal- Rebate P& G Products (Shopko)- $10 Gas Card

Hello All-

The retailers are struggling and they are going to offer all types of rebates! Take advantage of them!!

The catch is you HAVE to fill out the forms! I make a habit of filling out my forms and mailing them in within 1 day of bringing rebate oriented products home, that way I don't forget. Retailers love mail in rebates vs. instant rebates, because I can guarantee you at least 50% of the time these aren't redeemed, don't fall into this category.

If products are on a rebate that you use regularly, stock up when rebates are offered!

This week at Shopko, they are offering a $10 gas card with the purchase of $30 Proctor & Gamble products (this is a wide range, probably more than you think) of products you probably have sitting in your drawers/cupboards at home. This is a mail in rebate, so don't forget that step! The weekly circular says "see store for details", but I am sure it includes the major brands and other brands I forget are owned by them, such as IAMS cat food, Pampers/LUVS, etc.

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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