Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer's Savings Tip #5-Organize For Savings!

Hello All-

Tip #5 maybe should have been Tip #1 because it is so important, but nevertheless I will include it here.

To save you have to be organized and have a system in place that will help you find the coupons when you actually need them. Ideally it should be portable and divided into sections.

I recommend the couponizer organizing system. Visit www.couponizer.com to check out this organizing tool. You can easily make your own with a recipe or small shoe box, just make sure you can pack it easily!

When you clip coupons, set aside time to do this once a week or as needed. This is my process. I clip coupons throughout the week and place in a file folder labeled "coupons". 2-3x/week I file all my incoming coupons in my couponizer. This way I have current coupons always in my file. 2-3x/month I go through my couponizer and remove coupons that have expired. If you have someone in the military, they can use expired coupons in the commissary...consider mailing them!

Having a portable, organized system will help you save money! Don't try to do this without some type of system...it will drive you crazy and impede your success!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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