Sunday, October 12, 2008

STEAL- Rite Aid Free Products...Over $150!!

Hello All-

Rite Aid and Walgreen's are notorius for running outstanding freebie sales, take advantage of these! You can find all the free items in your Sunday Rite Aid circular or visit the store for the weekly ad.

They both have easy to fill out/enter rebate systems on-line that make it almost too easy to save $, so do it!

This week Rite Aid has over $150 worth of free products on their single check rebate system. They even make it easier by having all the items on an endcap near the cash register so you don't have to hunt them down (thanks to Matt at the Springfield store for telling me that!).

You buy the items, go home and fill out the on-line rebate system, they send you a check and you got the items for free! These are the types of freebies that are great for stocking stuffers..they have 3 great lip products that I will add to my stocking list. They have great kids meds and adult sinus/cold/flue options, even some homeopathic things this time around so check it out. I also encourage people to buy and donate these items to shelters, they are free to you so why not share with others that can't afford these items!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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